Thursday, 17 April 2014


Date: 05/04/2014
Location: Melrose Arch, Johannesburg SA
Stylish Person: Roberto Fagnani

This photo was taken on the night of my un-birthday party. It was a night of mixed emotions to say the least. There were disappointments but also a lot of laughter and love from the friends I appreciate. After the un-birthday dinner my best friend and boy friend, seen above in the Nirvana shirt, took me to a party at a club called 'Church Hills'. Of course we got in on the list. Sneaky, sneaky. The night went on and on and with out a care for the time we indulged in free drinks all night at the expense of a rich socialite who paid the hefty bill with out the blink of an eye. Apparently it was his un-birthday to. Before we knew it, time was closing in on 5am. It was time to go, but first I had to snap the only picture I took all night.

Rob wears Nirvana Tee from Top Shop, green suede shoes from Urge and G-star wax denims. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Denim Army

Date: 12/03/2014
Location: Glenvista, Johannesburg SA
Stylish Person: Natasha Fundanella AKA TashiWashiFundi

Natasha looking cool in her trending army print top from her new winter collection from i Am Woman fashion label. Looking forward to the launch of i Am winter goodies for 2014! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Silk and Leather

Date: 28/02/2014
Location: Glenvista, Johannesburg SA
Stylish Person: Natasha Fundanella AKA TashiWashiFundi

Tashi looking fly in a slip from Top-shop and her moms classic cool chanel handbag. Loving her new puzzle piece tattoo.

Friday, 28 February 2014


Date: 2014/02/28
Location: The suburbs. Glenvista, South of Jozi SA
Stylish Person: Natasha Fundanella (Aka - TashiWashiFundi)

It's Friday and no better day to get out of the office a bit early to shoot with the lovely, stylish fashion blogger Tashi-Washi-Fundi, who is also the owner of the iAm Woman fashion label. This outfit is definitely one of my favourites. I love how the texture and print of this jumper shows up on camera. The Moschino belt and nude nails finish the look off perfectly! Not to mention the Vivienne Westwood flats. 

Check out Natasha's blog on and on instagram:@tashiwashifundi 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sunday Cool

Date: 16/02/2014
Location: Stanley Beer Yard, 44 Stanley Mill Park Johannesburg
Stylish Person: Roberto Fagnani

The Stanley Beer Yard is a trendy, cozi hang out and apparently we got it on a good day, not busy and squishy as usual. Dressing casual-cool is best and Rob pulls it off just right. He wears Super sunglasses, denim acid-wash shirt by local brand Sergeant Pepper, G-Star denims and skull detailed loafers from Zara. He received compliments all-round from the ladies in the yard! 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

There's a party in Town tonight

Date: 26/10/2013
Location: Glenvista, Johannesburg
Stylish Person: Katherine Dewar

The night of this shoot Kat she was off to a halloween party.
Pity she couldn't wear this cool outfit!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Californian Dude with his dog

Date: 16/06/2011
Location: Santa Monica, California
Stylish Person: I have no idea.. I just stole a shot

A flash back to my trip to LA IN 2011. I took this shot while waiting for my sister in the parking lot behind the hotel we were staying at. I liked the beanie, tattoos and his dog just finished off his look.

Trendy wedding attire

Date: 18/01/2014
Location: Old Mac Daddy, Elgin Valley, Cape Town
Stylish Person: Roberto Fagnani

Looking too cool as always and once again at another wedding! Yip, those years are here. Robs is wear superretro shades, a pair of Urge shoes, Diesel denims, blazer jacket and waist coat from Markhams, shirt from Top Shop and sadly his elusive navy blue bow-tie did not make it to Cape Town for this one. But either way it still turned out to be a killer look.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Suited up and snapped on a smart phone

Date: 03/06/2013
Location: Van Reenen, KwaZulu-Natal
Stylish Person: Roberto Fagnani

I snapped Roberto on my smart phone as I couldn't reach for my camera fast enough to capture this moment. This was taken at a quaint wedding at a small chapel with only eight seats built by a father in memory of his son. It is supposedly the smallest Roman Catholic church in the world. 

The first 'Told from the Streets' photo

Date: 17/02/2012
Location: Parkhurst, Johannesburg South Africa
Stylish Person: Sheldeen Cameron

It was officially on this day that I had asked Sheldeen, who is one of my best friends if she could wear one of her favourite outfits to drinks that day so I could take some shots of her for a street style fashion project. But my idea stopped there for some reason.

Last night, which is now two years later, over our Monday night sushi dinner we were discussing film and fashion ideas when she simply asked me if I still did some fashion blogging. I then suddenly remembered this photo. So while driving home after dinner last night I began re-thinking about this street style blogging and this time I gave it a name 'Told from the Streets', a blog inspired by the person who stood for my first street style photograph two years ago :)